Top Tablet Apps 2014

best-android-appsTablet apps should be something that is both very useful in description, and something which, also does serve your needs for them at the end of the day.  Therefore, with this said, you should endeavor to only buy 7 inch tablets apps that are genuinely what you do require for tasks or whatever else in your life.  What are some of the top tablet apps 2014 that are good to have and use? Top Tablet Apps 2014 do make life a whole lot easier for those who do use 7 inch tablets for every day living.  Therefore, any of the tablet apps should be something, which not just enhances that experience but also makes it more convenient and understanding in delivery.

A few of the top tablet apps 2014 that are awesome for 7 inch tablets do include the following.  One of the top tablet apps is no other than Facebook.  Facebook should be your very first app download.  This is because it is a program that is compatible with various platforms such as Apple, Windows, Android, Amazon, and Nook to name a few. Facebook is very popular and it is used by 1.2 billion people as a means to stay in touch with each other regularly.  It is the social media experience for anyone and everyone.  It also looks great on a tablet and does help to accentuate both videos and photos.

Another top tablet app for 2014 is no other than Flipboard. Flipboard is a program that is also compatible with many platforms too.  If you are a person who loves to read the news and everything that is happening in the world, then this is the app for you, as you can read the latest headlines in USA Today, Fortune, Rolling Stone, and beyond. You can also read all of the latest Twitter feeds and Facebook posts. This is all done in sort of like a magazine like experience.

Another top tablet app for 2014 is called Skype. What is great about Skype is very clear. If you are a person who loves to communicate regularly with family and friends. You can make free phone calls from your tablet, and this is truly something, which can become very easy to like all the time.

Two other top tablet apps 2014 do include Amazon Kindle and Dropbox. Amazon Kindle is an app that is compatible with lots of different platforms. What makes it outstanding is the fact that it can be used to read plenty of e-books. Dropbox is also compatible with lots of numerous platforms and it can be used to add or remove media.

There are lots of wonderful Top Tablet Apps 2014 out there on the market. These are just a sample of the many that are available for use with 7 inch Tablets. So, with this said, do pick and choose the ones that not only catch your fancy but also that you will use regularly for your own needs.

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