Two of the Best 7-Inch Tablets on the Market

7-inch-tabletsTablet computers are all the rage these days and for good reason. These neat little devices allow you to surf the web and keep in touch with the world almost anywhere. Tablets have become a common sight in today’s world and many people are looking to buy one. If you are interested in purchasing one of your very own; here are a few the top 7-inch tablets that will sure to please.

The ASUS Nexus 7 from Google comes standard with a seven inch display for viewing on the go. The screen resolution for this model is 1920 X 1200. This fun little tablet only weighs 0.64 and is perfect for traveling and long commutes to work. The Nexus 7 comes powered by a Snapdragon S4 1.5 GHz operating system that will allow for fast downloads. A 32 GB hard drive is perfect for storing apps and with 2 GB DDR3 RAM, it won’t take long to download them. You will be getting a really good deal with this tablet at only $249.00 and you will have money left over.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is a beautiful tablet. This self-contained tablet has a seven inch screen with a resolution of 1024 X 600 for viewing movies and playing games. Just like most tablets, this model is very light and only weighs 0.66 pounds. The Galaxy Tab 3 is run by a powerful tablet processor with a speed of 1.2 GHz. This tablet comes with one of the best operating systems around. The Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system does a wonderful job of keeping this table running smoothly at all times. A good sized 8 GB hard drive is also included with 1 GB DRAM. Price very competitively at only $179.00; this tablet is sure to sell out quick.

Lots of people are buying tablets. So, if you are interested as well, check out these top 7-inch tablets. Buying a tablet is a great way to be more mobile and you will have the internet with you wherever you go. Stay connected with one of these fine tablets.

Best Lenovo 7-Inch Tablets

lenovo-logoLenovo 7-inch tablets are perfect for those who like a smaller tablet that is easy to carry. These mobile tablets have lots of power and are prefect for everyday use. Whether you need a tablet for business or just pleasure, Lenovo 7-inch tablets are the perfect choice. Lots of storage space and super-fast mobile CPU’s make these tablets some of the best of the best. Here are two models that I know you will love.

The Lenovo Idea Tab model A1000 is a very neat looking little tablet that will go anywhere. Powered by a Mediatek 8317 Dual-Core processor, this tablet runs at a speed of 1.2 GHz. An Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system keeps this tablet compatible and it is able to run most applications with great ease. An 8 GB hard drive is large enough so that you can store large files. 1 GB of LPDDR2 memory is included in this tablet, so, you can send and receive data at lighting speeds. At only 0.75 pounds this tablet can fit just about anywhere and you don’t even know you are carrying it around.

Another Lenovo seven inch Idea Tab that is great is the S5000 model. It also is driven by an Android Jelly Bean operating system and is the latest 4.2 version. Just like the A1000 model, this tablet uses a Mediatek processor but this tablet has the 8389 Quadcore edition and has a clock speed of 1.2 GHz. The S5000 has a much larger hard drive than the A1000 at 16 GB DDR3 making it great for downloading tons of data. With 1 GB of DDR3 memory, this tablet can get the job done fast. Slightly lighter than most Lenovo tablets; this model only weighs 0.54 pounds. For all this tablet has to offer a price of $147.79 is a pleasant surprise.

These are two beautiful and fully functional tables that I think anyone would enjoy owning. Why not buy one for yourself this year?

Best Acer 7-inch Tablets

AcerAcer 7-inch Tablets are some of the most affordable and dependable tablets out there. If you want an all-around tablet, that can handle lots of different applications, then Acer is the brand for you. These tablets were carefully design to perform well on the go and have a long battery life so you won’t run out of power. Today, you will be introduced to two Acer 7-inch Tablets. Both of these tablets are compact and ready to go anywhere you do.

The Acer Iconia Tab model number A 100-07U08U comes with a standard seven inch display and has a screen resolution of 1024 X 600. This screen is perfect for watching music video or playing your favorite game app. This is an Android powered tablet and has the super compatible Android 3.1 Honey Comb operating system. Acer has chosen to use a Dual-Core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor in this model and it really works great. Plenty of storage was also added to this tablet with a hard drive capable of storing up to 8 GB of data. The Iconia Tab also has 1 GB DDR2 worth of memory for fast download speed. This amazing tablet can be yours for only $189.99.

Another great seven inch tablet by Acer is the Iconia model number B1-710-L401. This model has a screen resolution of 1024 X 600 and looks great when running apps or watching movies. Another Android tablet, this one comes with the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system. The Mediatek 8317 Dual Core processor is fast and runs at a speed of 1.2 GHz. Just like other Acer Iconia models, this one comes with an 8 GB hard drive and 1 GB of DDR2 RAM. This is a light model and only weighs 0.73 pounds. If you are looking for an affordable tablet, this one is for you at a price of just $123.36 you can’t go wrong.

Now you have the information on these great little tablets and can better decide which of the two is right for you. But no matter which one you pick; both are great little machines.

A Brilliant Learning Experience With Student 7-Inch Tablets

In this day and age, every student’s dream is to have a computer, laptop or any device that they can easily use to access the internet, share ideas, social network and connect with professionals or people around the world. At the same time, a gadget that is portable to carry around with them whenever they go. However, most computers and laptops are bulky and therefore quite tiring to carry around. The smaller portable gadgets like phones are pretty small with limited number of applications and most of the time very limiting to what you can do with them. It is for this reason that manufactures of computers, laptops and phones have designed magnificently brilliant tablets that are student friendly tablets. For example, Samsung have come up with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7-Inch Student Edition, Intel also has an Education 7-inch Tablet and Polaroid also came up with 7-inch Internet Tablet. For any student, the 7-inch Tablets bring a whole new simplified academic world on your fingertips and make learning a happy experience.

Wondering why you should buy a Student 7-inch Tablets? Here are some reasons:

These tablets are specifically designed to meet your needs as a student. It gives you easy access to the web, TV shows, movies, games and social networks. This way, it allows you to do your research easily, get inspiration and share whatever you want with your friends. It makes your learning process easy as you can learn from your friends, and from written materials online.
It is conveniently small. You can literally cry it everywhere you go and comfortably use it.

Most of these tablets are designed to have a hard drive of about 8 GB. This enables you as a student to store your files for later reference. Even if you are writing an assignment, you can easily store it and later email it or print it for presentation. These tablets are designed to have a processor of about 1.0 GHz. This is makes it very fast. Accessing the net will therefore be very quick if you have this 7-inch tablet. The student friendly tablets can support up to about 4500 apps. Think of all you can do with this. You can get almost all the apps you need to be better at your course. You can do just about anything with these apps. It gives you the opportunity to be creative and your skills.

Having a student 7-inch Tablet enables you to accomplish so much more as a student. The beauty of it all is that you can easily carry it around the cute and attractive tablet everywhere you go. It comes in a variety of colors therefore you get to choose your favorite.